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Dali’s challenge is created and produced by 

Dalí’s Challenge is the first production of ArtDidaktik, a cultural disruptor that aims to make the
world’s cultural legacy accessible to all. We create
innovative and entertaining educational
, taking a step further in the field of edutainment in cultural contents, using cutting
edge multimedia technologies and pedagogical approaches to
active learning

Artdidaktik our experience model

Educational purpose

We design experiences with a clear educative and pedagogical nature:
Ensuring academic rigor by endorsement of legacies’ owners, managers and/or experts with whom we partner
Using technology as a facilitator in the edutainment process, not playing the main role
Creating active learning methodologies
Helping visitors to feel different emotions throughout the experience
Always believing that fun is the best activator of the learning process

New experience concept

We use digital versions of works of art and other cultural fields to provide access to knowledge and cultural experiences to a wide audience through audiovisual and multimedia technologies.
We always strive for innovation, incorporating cutting-edge audiovisual and multimedia technologies and platforms to enhance the learning process and create an entertaining component.

Ambitious global deployment

Given its educational objective, we design global-scope
geographical deployment plans aiming for an ambitious
capillarity level, through strategic partnerships with host
cities, regional partners, and always customizing the
experience to each market cultural codes.